I am very fortunate in having many patients who appreciate my help using acupuncture and homeopathy for their health issues. Some of their testimonials are:

MR, F, 29Y

My family have been using Michael for 10 years he has helped with migraines, food allergies, eczema, anxiety, post natal depression, chicken pox to say but a few. We have always had positive results and have found Michael to be professional and often found he has gone the extra mile to help.

PM, M, 55Y

Always impressed with the service that Michael provides. Recent success has included acupuncture for lower back pain, and high blood pressure. Michael combines a caring and professional approach; he really gives you time, and importantly, his treatment is effective.

DC, M, 54Y

For more than twenty years now I have been making the journey from London to Northampton to see Michael Thompson; testament in itself to how highly I regard him. During this time I have benefitted greatly from his expertise in homoeopathy, acupuncture, and allergy/food intolerance testing. Michael has also been of great help from a dietary aspect. You always leave with a plan of action, a remedy and a positive frame of mind. I really cannot recommend highly enough.

KH, F, 48Y

Spending time with Michael and his gentle, kind approach to treating not just my daughter’s skin issues but her whole self has changed her life. I feel like she has come back to life, and her relief that someone has finally taken the psychological effects into consideration too has been of great comfort to us both. Michael, we thank you.

CW, M, 61Y

I have been using Michael Thompson’s expertise for over 30 years  with very good results from acupuncture and homeopathy. I had tight shoulders which were very sore, which he cleared up very quickly. He also treated a problem I had with my heart which was very helpful.
Michael is a first class homeopath also, who is very knowledgeable about many natural treatments. He really cares about getting your problems alleviated or cured, whichever is possible. You will never feel you have wasted your time!

MG, F, 69Y

I was suffering for a number of months with a skin irritation that left my neck, lips and eyelids very red, itchy and sore. I went to my GP who prescribed a steroid cream which of course alleviated the condition for a short while but inevitably it would return. This was causing me a great deal of upset and so I found Michael’s details in the Yellow Pages and felt drawn to contacting him. Soon after taking a homeopathic remedy the condition started to improve and continued to do so over a period of time. Michael is so approachable and easy to talk which helped me to open up so that he was able to prescribe a remedy that was truly holistic. My skin today is clear which is such a relief and I can never thank Michael enough for his time, expertise and care.

JC, F, 80Y

I have known Michael Thompson for over 30 years. He has helped my family on many occasions. One, in particular, was when a daughter was suffering from chronic eczema and the creams from the GP were not making any difference at all. A few hours after taking the homeopathic remedy from Michael the healing process started, and the eczema never came back. Another daughter had ear trouble when she worked as a telephonist, and was sent to a consultant who told her she would eventually be completely deaf. She visited Michael who treated her and the ears completely healed up. Thanks to Michael for his care and professionalism.