Food Allergy Testing


Food allergy testing is a technique used to identify foods that your body does not cope well with during the digestive process. Symptoms of your body not being at its optimum digestive level include fatigue, bloating, heartburn, belching, frequent headaches, or diarrhea. It is possible to test for over 200 substances. Food allergy testing is compatible with medication from your GP and other treatment such as homeopathy. such as massage and homeopathy.

How does food allergy testing work?

Food allergy testing aims to aid the body by detoxifying it, thereby achieving greater levels of health. We will ask you to hold a substance that you believe you may be allergic to before detecting if it breaks the energy field around your body. We can detect this using a measuring technique in the same way people dowse for water, muscle testing or kinesiology.

We will then offer you advice on your diet, lifestyle and exercise tailored to your individual needs. We advise that you reduce the foods to be eliminated by half for the first week before eliminating them totally from your diet totally. You can then repeat the first week to note your reaction to re-incorporating these foods, then eliminate the foods again.

The initial consultation and test will take up to 45 minutes. Please arrive promptly so there is enough time for discussion after the test itself. For many people only one consultation may be necessary. However, it’s a good idea to be re-tested after two or three months to see what might have changed after following a better diet.