Homeopathy for Colds and Coughs

  • Almost every day we are reading and hearing of the coming “bird or swine flu.”
  • The media, doctors and drug companies have been effective in instilling fear into the public.
  • And they are adding fuel to the fear by “warning” the public that there are inadequate amounts of the flu vaccine for people. This is particularly a problem for people, especially the elderly, who are most vulnerable to serious complications of the flu.
  • A systematic review of all previous studies testing vaccines for the flu shows that they are NOT effective in preventing the flu or “influenza-like illness” or pneumonia in the elderly population – The Lancet (1/10/2005)
  • It is a fact that the media and the medical community is instilling fear into people.  And yet not disclosing that the “prevention” strategy does not seem to work.
  • The other “at-risk” group that the US Centre for Disease Control recommends getting a flu vaccine is children. An important article in The Lancet (26/2/2005) literally analysed every available reference on the subject. They could not find a single study that assessed reductions in mortality, serious complications or even community transmission of the disease.
  • These studies cast significant doubts on the effectiveness in preventing the flu with present vaccines.
  • The conventional treatment strategies for the flu are also problematic.
  • In the US the most popular conventional drug, Tamiflu, is an antiviral. But it is quickly losing its effectiveness because it is being over-used for the common flu, rather than for its more appropriate use in treating more dangerous versions of the flu, such as the new avian flu.
  • There are good reasons that homeopaths and their patients are not afraid of the flu, either now or in the past.


First of all, homeopaths have proven treatments for people with the flu.

The strong word “proven” is purposefully used because there have been at least THREE large-scale double-blind, placebo-controlled trials using Oscillococcinum to treat people with the flu or with an influenza-like syndrome.

Each of these trials showed statistically significant results.

The trick to getting the best results with Oscillococcinum is to use it within 48 hours of onset of the flu. For the first signs of a cold or ‘flu take every six hours.

One of the reasons that Oscillococcinum is so effective is because of what it is. It is made from the heart and liver of a duck.

Biologists have found that the vast majority of ducks have various types of flu viruses in their digestive tracts. Because of this epidemiologists have determined that ducks are one of the prime carriers of flu around the world.

It seems that homeopathic doses of the flu virus and of the duck’s antibodies to these viruses provides therapeutic benefits.

While many mothers (and grandmothers!) have recommended chicken soup for the flu, the use of Oscillococcinum is akin to using “duck soup.”

It seems that homeopaths have been on top of this issue of the “bird flu” way before the media began harping on its imminence.


The ‘flu injection is generally considered to be 68.2% effective on all people.

A 10-year study in France in collaboration with 23 French homeopathic doctors found Influenzinum to be 90% effective.

Flu injections are traditionally for older adults (55+), while Influenzinum can be used for all the family.

So if you compare the Influenzinum Formula to the conventional ‘Flu injections you’ll see that the Influenzinum Formula is far superior because it contains all the various known influenza viruses. Whilst ‘Flu injections only usually contain the three influenza viruses that are predicted six months in advance to be widespread. That is why some years the injections are more effective than others.

Acute Colds & ‘Flu

If it is over 48 hours since you or someone close to you has already had the flu, you need to take other homeopathic medicines commonly indicated for the flu. In most cases it is easy to choose between the ABC and AGE combination remedies.

ABC (Aconite, Belladonna, Chamomilla)

For colds and flu’s with high fever, heat, redness, sore throat, rapid onset of symptoms (Wind- Heat). Take 3-4 times a day.

AGE (Arsenicum iodide, Gelsemium, Eupatorium)

For colds and flu’s with chilliness, aching, tiredness, paleness, more gradual onset of symptoms (Wind-Cold). Take 3-4 times a day.


Once a cold or ‘flu has gone onto the chest or into the larynx resulting in a cough the homeopathic remedy needed has to be individualised for each patient. At this point it may be better to seek professional advice from a homeopath. Keynotes of a few common remedies are:


Hard, racking, dry cough where the person holds the chest during the cough because the chest is painful from coughing.


Cough from changes of temperature, from either warm to cold or vice versa.


Prolonged bouts of coughing, worse at night, often with gagging, retching, or vomiting.

Post-Influenza Problems

Sometimes people fail to recover completely from the ‘flu. I have two combination remedies which I may prescribe.

Post-Influenza Formula

For weakness and slow recovery etc. 3-4 times a day and as needed.

Chronic Fatigue Formula

For chronic fatigue syndrome or M.E. Twice a day and as needed. Only available on prescription to patients.

Herbal Remedies

Some patients’ immune system may be deficient that in some cases they may need to take herbs in addition to homeopathic remedies. I prescribe the following in those situations:

Immunodefence Formula

Immunodefence Formula is a combination of twelve Western and Chinese herbs developed to boost the immune system. It is taken daily (it can be taken in conjunction with the Echinacea for acute conditions).


Echinacea in herbal tincture or tablets has a reputation for boosting the immune system. Unfortunately it is often wrongly advised to be taken on a regular basis but it should be taken frequently at the start of a cold or flu.

Cold, Flu & Injury Kit

Consists of six useful combination remedies: Oscillococcinum, Influenzinum Formula, ABC, AGE, Injury Combination, Rescue Remedy. Either buy it at my clinic or in the online shop.

For more information about Homeopathy download the leaflet Homeopathy for Influenza – or go to the Downloads section for ALL leaflets