7 Reasons to Choose the Natural Medicine Works Clinic


1. Acupuncture and Homeopathy

  • Whilst many people practice acupuncture or homeopathy not many practice both together.
  • This gives me a lot more options with patient treatment leading to faster and better outcomes.
  • I may also test for some foods or substances that I suspect a patient may be sensitive too – there is usually no charge for this.

2. Acupuncture

  • The acupuncture I practice is a combination of both traditional acupuncture (TCM) and Tung acupuncture.
  • Tung acupuncture was brought from China to Taiwan and further developed by Master Tung, hence the name.
  •  I also use musculoskeletal acupuncture, electro-acupuncture and ear acupuncture.

3. Homeopathy

  • I practice both classical homeopathy together with my developments in creating many formula or combination remedies for various conditions.
  • I also use homeopathic software to further help me to find the best remedies for patients.

4. Pharmacy

  • I have a large stock of hundreds of remedies at the clinic – both single and formula remedies. Patients receive their remedies straight after a consultation 95% of the time.
  • No waiting for remedies to be delivered from a pharmacy!

5. Education

  • The clinic is well stocked with various leaflets and other literature.
  • There are also useful articles on my blog about exercise, nutrition and lifestyle – they are also important issues that I discuss with patients.

6. Convenience

  • The NMW clinic is a convenient distance from Northampton Town Centre, parking is generally good and there is wheelchair access.
  • I am available for patient’s acute problems and in most cases after a phone call they can come and collect a remedy.
  • I may also be asked to prescribe a remedy for a family member, a friend or pet which I do happily where I can.
  • I do house calls in Northampton for mainly elderly patients who can’t get to the clinic – but on a limited basis though.

7. I am still learning!

  • When I look back over the years each year there are changes in the way I practice – it is an ongoing process of learning new techniques and refining older techniques.
  • And dare I say it – abandoning other techniques I have used in the past.