Chronic Conditions and Homeopathy


What are chronic conditions?

 Chronic conditions are long-term health problems that can be managed but not effectively resolved by conventional medicine. This includes conditions such as heart disease, asthma, diabetes and arthritis.

Indeed, long-term health problems are some of the most common complaints leading people to seek homeopathic consultations. Additionally, people seek homeopaths because they are concerned about side effects of conventional treatment and they value a more integrated approach to health.

Patient reported improvements

Patients suffering from chronic conditions have reported homeopathic treatment to be helpful in improving their well-being and in managing the impact of their diagnosed condition on their life: in surveys performed in NHS Homeopathic Hospitals over 70% of respondents said they felt that their health had improved after receiving homeopathic care. Not only did their sense of health and well-being improve considerably, but the improvement was maintained over a number of years.

Also, 80% of children involved in an observational study at the Bristol Homeopathic Hospital which looked at the results seen when patients received homeopathic treatment under real life conditions, reported that their chronic conditions (most frequently asthma, eczema, hay fever, epilepsy, and migraine) felt ‘better’ or ‘much better’ after seeing a homeopath.

A positive change in well-being and outlook can have beneficial consequences on physical well-being too. Patients’ experience of successful homeopathic treatment is often that they first report feeling better ‘in themselves’ and then that their physical symptoms become more manageable.