Michael Thompson

    Michael Thompson

About Michael Thompson

I am unique in being both a homeopath and an acupuncturist and have been in practice for more than 35 years. I work in two clinics: in Northampton (UK) and in Ennis, Co. Clare (Ireland).

I also do homeopathy consultations on Skype. My skype address is loughbunny but please email me from the contact page to arrange.

My patients range from young children & adolescents to mature individuals! I still enjoy working with patients as much as ever and feel that I have a great deal still to do! I am too busy to even think of retiring.

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Some of the common complaints seen in the clinic are:

• Respiratory: sinusitis, hay fever, rhinitis, catarrh, colds, ‘flu, viral infections, asthma, bronchitis, coughs

• Skin: eczema, psoriasis, acne, warts, scars, insect bites, herpes, shingles, urticaria, boils, acne rosacea

• Emotional & psychological: stress related ilnnesses, anxiety, depression, insomnia, childhood behavioural problems, panic attacks

• Musculo-skeletal: osteoarthritis, sciatica, injuries, back pain, neck pain, joint problems, rheumatoid arthritis

• Digestive: indigestion, bloating, bowel problems, constipation, IBS, reflux, haemorrhoids, diverticulitis, ulcers, candida, colitis, hiatus hernia

• Heart & Circulation: hypertension, angina, varicose veins

• Genitourinary: female & male infertility, impotence, premenstrual syndrome, menstrual problems, menopause, cystitis, kidney problems, thrush, prostate problems

• Other conditions: M.E., headaches and migraines, allergies, addictions, mouth ulcers, mastitis, childhood problems, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, post-operative pain, chronic pain

Neurology: trigeminal neuralgia, restless legs syndrome, neuropathic pain

Professional organisations

  • Fellow of the Society of Homeopaths (UK)
  • Member of the Acupuncture Council of Ireland
  • Member of the British Institute for Allergy & Environmental Therapy
  • Member of the British Complementary Medicine Association

My purpose is:

  • To continue making more homeopathic remedy formulas for specific complaints to add to the 500+ formula remedies I have made already. Examples are remedies for injuries, arthritis, respiratory conditions, hay fever, digestive conditions, back pain, sciatica, menstrual conditions, cystitis, menopause, eczema, psoriasis, infections. allergies, migraines etc. These remedies have been created out of clinical necessity to help patients improve much more quickly.
  • To continue improving and developing my acupuncture treatments for musculo-skeletal, digestive, menopausal & menstrual, stress, anxiety and migraines etc.
  • To expand my Food Intolerance & Substance testing in the clinic.
  • To distribute the most frequently used formula remedies such as the Injury remedy, the Hayfever program, the various Cold & ‘Flu remedies etc to a wider public.
  • To continue developing the website so that it grows into a ‘go to’ source for the best information on acupuncture, homeopathy, food & nutrition and lifestyle.
Michael Thompson cycling in London

Michael w. bike in London

Therapies/Treatments available:

For more information about the NMW Clinic download the leaflet Natural Medicine Works Clinic – or go to the Downloads section for ALL leaflets

Michael Thompson’s short biography

  • Lived in London in the late 1960’s, went to university, became a vegetarian, embraced the natural food movement and began the long road to understanding myself!
  • Moved to Canada for 4-5 years, worked & managed vegetarian restaurants, began to study acupuncture.
  • Returned to the UK to study acupuncture with Dr Van Buren & Giovanni Macioca and homeopathy with Robert Davidson, George Vithoulkas, Rajan Sankaran and Jan Scholten.
  • Set up a practice in Northampton in 1976 which continues to the present day.
  • Began living & practising in the West of Ireland in 1996 which also continues to the present day.
  • Organised seminars & conferences for the Society of Homeopaths from the late 1980’s for 15 years. I was also a director & Hon. Secretary of The Society of Homeopaths and was responsible for setting up their head office in Northampton. I was awarded a Fellowship of The Society of Homeopaths in 1992.
  • Set up The Homeopathic Bicycle Co. which distributed MacRepertory, a homeopathic software tool.
  • And lastly I am keen cyclist – you may have seen me on the roads in Northampton and especially along by the river.