Hayfever Homeopathic Program

Here at NM Works Clinics we use our own hay fever program. Our hay fever program consists of two combination or formula remedies which are new versions of our successful homeopathic hay fever treatment.

Both remedies are an effective alternative treatment to patients who would prefer not to use antihistamines, although they can be used with antihistamines if necessary. The hay fever program can be purchased independently but we advise consulting a professional homeopath before starting the program.

Stop & Prevent Allergy Formula

This formula should be taken once a week 2-3 months before the patient’s hay fever season to desensitize a patient, and up to four times a day for any acute hay fever symptoms. The formula contains mixtures of weeds & shrubs, flower pollens, grasses, moulds, and tree pollens from the Burren area.

We also offer an additional preventative nosode/sarcode formula for hay fever which is available only on prescription to be taken once or twice a week.

Treat Acute Hay Fever (Plant) Formula

This formula is a new combination of traditional homeopathic remedies used for acute hay fever. It can be used instead of or in conjunction with the Stop & Prevent Allergy Formula up to four times a day for any acute hay fever symptoms. It contains over 60 homeopathic plant remedies.

There is a mineral-based alternative to this formula available only on prescription. This alternative formula contains over 40 homeopathic mineral remedies.

Top tips for sufferers

  • Stay indoors during peak pollen times – 7am to 9am and 3pm to 7pm. Wear wrap-around sunglasses to protect eyes when going outside, and shower and wash your hair afterwards to eliminate traces of pollen.
  • Keep windows and vents closed as much as possible at home and in the car. Hang net curtains to help trap any pollen. If you drive a lot, air conditioning or an electrostatic air filter in the car’s ventilation system can help. If you have neither, turn off the ventilation.
  • Put Vaseline inside your nose to stop pollen settling in the lining. Blow your nose gently if pollen is already inside your nose. Applying a cold pack on the nose and face or splashing your face with cold water can help soothe inflamed nasal membranes.

For more tips to soothe hay fever visit our Downloads section to download our Homeopathy & Hay Fever leaflet or any of our other leaflets.